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Get Involved

There are many ways you can be involved with Crossroads Care Center. You can devote your time or resources, there is some way everyone can be involved.  Listed below are ways you can get involved or we encourage you to contact us for more information.

Church Liasion:  Represent CCC at your church, doing baby bottle drives, disseminating information, etc.

Counselor: One-on-one crisis intervention and on-going lay-counseling.  Responsible for keeping accurate client and office records, and making at least one follow-up contact with each client.  Required to attend volunteer training seminars and in-service meetings.

Fundraising: Does any of a variety of tasks for various CCC fund-raisers, i.e. committee chairman, computer entry, registration tables, prize/sponsor acquisition, phone calling, photography, clowns, food, etc.

Mail Team: Prepare newsletters, monthly correspondence, Christmas cards, etc. for mailing.

Material Assistance: Sort and inspect donations of baby and maternity clothing as well as miscellaneous items to be sure they are in good condition for distribution.

Prayer Ministry:  Provides prayer support for specific and general needs of CCC ministries, clients, staff and volunteers periodically on site as well as individually.

Visual Arts:  Take videos and pictures at events or of client testimonies.  Put together video clips and pictures for fundraiser events.  Create clips for social media posts.

Speaker’s Bureau: Teens and adults to give presentations to groups on CCC services and topics, such as abortion, adoption, chastity, post-abortion stress, sanctity of life, and fetal development.

Social Media Assistance: Writing blog posts, tweets and other posts for social media.  Searching the social media world for posts with link. 

*If you have other skills or services that you would like to donate please contact us.